Details of IOHA London 2015's Scientific Poster are listed below. Abstracts will be made available where possible in due course.


Catrine Ahlen

Bunkering of water - a health hazard?

New guidelines for identification and surveillance of infectious Legionella pneumophila populations in potable water systems.

Miguel Angel Alba Hidalgo Developement of an intrinsic fibre-optic chemical sensor for formaldehyde monitoring
Catherine Ansell 1947 Cohort Revisited
Aase Dalseth Austigard Measurement of exposure to dihydrogen sulphide in municipality sewage workers - Trondheim, Norway
Bayo Awosanya Managing Health Risks in a Gas Processing Operations in Iraq
Peter Baldwin
Compliance auditing
Paul Bozek Risk Assessment and Modeling Techniques for Setting Air Change Rates in Laboratories
Magne Bråtveit Noise exposure and heart rate variability on Navy vessels
Tomas Breidahl The influence of ship movements on the energy expenditure of fishermen. A study during a North Sea voyage in calm weather.Department of Occupational Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Silke Büchl

Highly active compound - change of classification system and impact on handling of highly hazardous substances

Fit Testing

Exposure monitoring during handling of Dimethylfumarat

Karen Bufton Energy Institute's "Code of Practice for the Safe Handling of Drilling Fluids"
Chih-Chieh Chen Searching for the best performing respirator filters
Chen-Peng Chen Satisfaction of workers toward indoor environmental quality in a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (tft-lcd) manufacturing facility
Po-Ni Chen Estimating globe temperature using meteorological data for prediction of wet-bulb globe temperature and heat stress in outdoor working environment
Yiqun Chen Night shift work in Great Britain workforce
Sangjun Choi Evaluation on Hazard Communication of Dental Materials for Dental Hygienists in Korea
Dania Cleis Human machine interaction
Brian Crook Hydrogen sulphide release from cattle slurry and additional risks associated with gypsum addition
Slawomir Czerczak Proposals on occupational exposure limit values for chemical in the workplace in Poland in 2013
John Elias TLV adjustments for age
Ching-An Feng The evaluation of labor training effectiveness is based on the experiential education training as a modal example.
Lisa Fitzpatrick

Sampling strategy for measuring personal exposure to formaldehyde in hospital environments: short period and eight hours weighted average

Measurement of the potential exposure to isocyanates during spray painting using dry air sampling device.

David Fox The PIPAH Study: self-reported exposures and ill health among pesticide users
Jennifer Galvin Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs): A new professional group is setting OELs.
Elena Garcia Hidalgo Health risks from biocides-preventing sensitisation to isothiazolinones by human exposure assessment
Thomas Göen

Reliable analytical procedures for biomonitoring of chemical exposure at the workplace by the DFG Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area

International proficiency tests for biomonitoring of chemical exposure at the workplace

Lars Ole Goffeng Respiratory and neuropsychological function among waste water workers
Kwonchul Ha The effective management of the nationwide survey for actual conditions of working environment in whole business
Steve Hails Health Risks Associated With Working in A Tunnelling Environment
Mimi H Hassim Comprehensive Framework for Assessing and Reducing Inherent Occupational Health Hazard and Risk during the Chemical Process Design Phase
Kari Kulvik Heldal Lung function and systemic inflammation among waste water workers
Yaw-Huei Hwang Study on the Indium and Gallium Levels in Serum Samples of the Preschool Children in Taiwan and Its Potential Association with the Distribution of High-tech Plants
Anaekperechi Rose Iwueze Occupational Hygiene Best Practice in the Mining Sector (Zamfara Lead Poisoning in Focus)
Tanzil Jamali Barriers in adoption of improved stoves in Pakistan: Inquiry among users, non-users and program managers in Sindh and Punjab provinces
Marina Jarvis A strategy for creating a healthy and safe learning environment as a part of company positive safety culture
Sandra Johannesson Trichloroamine measurements in indoor swimming baths in Gothenburg
Kraiwuth Kallawicha Bioaerosol exposure assessment and health effects of the workers in five occupational environments in Taiwan
Tomi Kanerva Characterization of workers PM exposure in ferrochrome smelting
Sanghee Kim Factors Affecting Employment Maintenance among Elderly Workers
Anna Kokkonen Performance of short-time water misting to wash out dust from air in construction sites
Malgorzata Kupczewska-Dobecka Polish recommendation for calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide OELs
Chane-Yu Lai Improvement and Performance Testing of Bioaerosol Generation & Sampling
Sarah Leeson Energy Institute's "Petroleum road tanker drivers: evaluation and control of exposure to noise"
Yu-Wen Lin Investigate the Permeation Behaviors of 1-Bromopropane through Chemical Protective Gloves
Kyösti Louhelainen Gas exposure and health hazards during silage work
Ole Jacob Møllerløkken Exposure to pulsed magnetic fields during transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment
Amira Omrane

Occupational protein contact dermatitis: About two cases

Ergonomics asses of physicals working conditions in a University Hospital laundry in the center of Tunisia

Donguk Park Suggestions to improve occupational hygiene activities based on the health problems of semiconductor workers
Corinne Pilorget

Assisted Coding of Occupations and Industries: the CAPS tool

Development of a job-exposure matrix specific on night work in France

Katrien Poels Gas chromatographic method for the determination of 180 different volatile organic compounds in occupational hygiene air samples.
Gurumurthy Ramachandran Turbulent Eddy Diffusion Models in Exposure Assessment - Determination of the eddy diffusion coefficient
Ahmed Ramzy Potent skin allergens identified in chloroprene rubber products
Sue Reed Comparison of OHS Course Accreditation Procedures in Australia
Aurélie Remy Bayesian modelling of biometrologic censored measurements for the determination of Biological Limit Values
Michael Riediker Experimental approaches to understand real-world nanomaterials
Ron Roberson Auto Correction of Flow Rate in a Personal Air Sampling Pump for Changes in Barometric Pressure
Heidi Salonen Effects of carpet on human health and wellbeing in health care facilities
Linda Schenk Science and Policy in Risk-Based Occupational Exposure Limits
Andrew Simpson Long Latency Health Risks in Foundries
Suzanne Spaan Protection offered by gloves and work clothing in agriculture, including re-entry
Charles Steer Integrating Occupational Hygiene, Medicine and Engineering in a Mining Context
Erica Stewart Balancing efficacy with effectiveness, efficiency and safety: evaluation of hard surface disinfectants and quinolone antibacterials in health care
Anne Straumfors Exposure to wood dust, endotoxins and terpenes in Norwegian sawmills
Pi-Chuan Sung The Occupational Injury Investigation And Safety Policy Analysis Over Vietnam Workers in Taiwan Manufacturing Industry
Piia Tint The Measurement of Musculoskeletal Overuse Syndrome of Industrial Workers and Prevention Possibilities
Shih-Wei Tsai Measurements of Bisphenol A in Dusts Indoors by Microwave-Assisted Solid-Phase Microextraction
Paula Viapiana E- learning for ergonomics
Susana Viegas Occupational exposure to aflatoxin B1 - New (old) occupational risk!
Ying Fang Wang

Inhalatory and Dermal Exposure and Health-Risk Assessments for Workers Exposed to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in a steel and iron manufacturing factory with an electric arc furnace


Study on Sterilization Efficiency Using Different Bactericides Under Negative Pressured Isolated Room

Katy Welch The Environmental Impact and Associated Occupational Risk of using High or Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting as an Abrasive Technology for Fixed Bulk Storage Tank Cleaning Operations.
Hsin- Jan Wen Performance Testing of Real-time Sterilization Units Using in Hospital Ventilation Duct—A Field Study
David Wright Heavy Metals - Heavy Price
Nian-Hsin Wu Sampling Evaluation of Bioaerosol and Antibiotic-resistant Characteristics in Intensive Care Unit
David Zalk Workplace Health Without Borders: Sharing occupational health and hygiene knowledge around the world


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