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SafeBridge are the premier health and safety consulting firm to the (bio) pharmaceutical industry, especially with respect to potent compound safety. A unique, global company consisting of a core team of professionals with senior pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical backgrounds, we have assisted over 500 business units worldwide in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical industries and have unrivalled consulting experience in recognising, evaluating and controlling occupational exposure to potent pharmaceuticals. Our services include: occupational toxicology, occupational hygiene, occupational hygiene analytical services, laboratory safety and environmental protection. The SafeBridge analytical laboratory service is AIHA accredited and specialises in the analysis of occupational hygiene (OH) samples for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The la boratory service offers OH method development and analysis of OH samples for APIs with very low limits of detection (including sub-nanogramme) by HPLC, RIA and ELISA. The laboratory also offers surrogate analysis for containment performance assessments using lactose, mannitol or naproxen sodium.

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